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Digital Cameras and Symmetry

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Keywords: Symmetry, Pictures, Art
Subject(s): Art, Technology, Photography, Math
Grades 3 through 5
School: Willagillespie Elem School, Eugene, OR
Planned By: Jacque Barton
Original Author: Jacque Alonso, Eugene
Objective: After studying symmetry in math, students can do this fun project to show what they have learned.

Time: 2 days

As a short intro activity, shapes and faces can be put into a SMART Board notebook program to review symmetry. With each shape that comes up on the board, have students come up and draw the lines of symmetry.

Day 1: About 30 to 60 mins depending on the number of computers
Taking a digital camera, students can take pictures of their neighbors face.
After uploading the pictures from the camera to a computer (either their assigned one or just a classroom one). Then using either iPhoto or Preview, the students will draw a line down the middle of the picture and then make a box around one half of the face. Then, once the picture is either saved in iPhoto (after it's been edited) or it has been copied and pasted into another clipboard in Preivew, the picture can be printed off.

Day 2: 30 mins (students may want to spend more time of the picture so the time could be extended to 60 mins or to another day)
Once the pictures of all the students have printed off a picture, the pictures can be passed out to the class. Each student should get a different classmate. When they have their picture, they will draw the other half of the face on the picture.
Once all of the pictures are done, they can be hung up as classroom art.

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This same lesson can also be done with younger grades with finishing patterns, or shapes.
Materials: Digital Cameras