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Keywords: math fieldtrip, higher level thinking
Subject(s): Math, Photography, Technology
Grades 2 through 5
School: E K Powe Elementary School, Durham, NC
Planned By: Christine Akinnagbe
Original Author: Christine Akinnagbe, Durham
Please keep in mind that this project can be used with many different grade levels. This plan is not specific to one grade.

1. Review important math concepts. Examples might be, angles, lines, geometric shapes, patterns, temperature.

2. Introduce the project. The students will be working in pairs. They will walk around the neighborhood(s) surrounding the school. Students are looking for objects that remind them of a math concept or vocabulary term. A few examples are a roof with an acute angle or a garden with a pattern. The students will need to let their creativity flow. The digital voice recorders will be used for the students to document why a certain picture was taken.

3. After all the pictures are taken, it is now time for the students to think about how they want to present their pictures. The students can come up with their own idea or the teacher can suggest some types of projects that the students can choose from. Some examples are a scrapbook, Math dictionary, PowerPoint presentation, digital story using photostory 3. The students can be as creative as they want with their presentation. The ideas are endless. The pictures can also be used to write story problems.

The materials listed are for a class of 20 working in pairs.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This projects incorporates math and technology however can also be used as a creative writing assignment. The students can choose a photograph and write a detailed story about the picture.
The presentations will be shared at a parent night.
Materials: Digital Voice Recorders, Digital Cameras
Other Items: 10 Digital Cameras, $99.00 each, total of $990.00
10 Digital Voice Recorders, $50.00 each, total of $500.00