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Smart Jeopardy Review

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Keywords: Jeopardy, Smart Board, Review
Subject(s): Calculus, Algebra, Geometry, Math, Trigonometry
Grades 9 through 12
School: Rivet Jr Sr High School, Vincennes, IN
Planned By: Beverly Adams
Original Author: Beverly Adams, Vincennes
Questions and answers (mathematical in nature) have been typed into Powerpoint. Using the Smart Board, students play Jeopardy, using the Powerpoint. (The computer with the Powerpoint is connected to the projector and displayed on the Smart Board which is also connected to the computer).
The teacher taps on the Smart Board to reveal the question and the teacher also clicks on the advance button on the Remote Possibilities Game. Students then buzz in. In order to "buzz in" to be called on, we use the Remote Possibilities Game, which has six buzzers. The game will announce which color buzzed in first. If that team of students gets it wrong, then the next team who buzzed in will get a chance and so on. I award points (pieces of paper with dollar amounts--either positive or negative. Positive amounts for correct answers and negative points for wrong answers.) When the question is finally answered correctly, I tap on the Smart Board back to the home screen, and that team gets to select the next question and so on. The nature of the questions, again usually mathematical, topics we have discussed that can be answered in a fairly short amount of time--due to the time restraint on the Remote Possibilities game.
Students love to review with Jeopardy and the Smart Board
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Smart Board Jeopardy Review can be used with any subject area
Discuss questions from the Jeopardy Review. Ask students what categories they would like to see.
Materials: Short Throw Projectors, Projectors, Cables
Other Items: 1 EPSON Model 400 W LCD Data-Video Projector, $1,099.00 each
1 EPSON #ELPMSTPM Wall Arm Kit for the 400W, $279.00 each, total of $279.00
1 25' WXGA HD15 Data Cable w/PC Audio Cabling, $65.00 each, total of $65.00
1 25' #3PP-3pp-25St HR Video-Audio Cabling, $65.00 each, total of $65.00
1 Smart #USB-XT USB Extension Cable, $35.00 each, total of $35.00