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Keywords: Media Literacy, Consumer Literacy
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Social Skills, Special Needs
Grades 10 through 12
School: North Hills Senior High School, Pittsburgh, PA
Planned By: sandy miller
Original Author: sandy miller, Pittsburgh
This project requires cooperation between the media specialist and the classroom teacher.

Teacher responsibilities: Coordinating project dates with the librarian, assigning students to work group, introducing basic concepts of the project prior to library, cooperatively evaluating the final product, assisting the media specialist with classroom management duties, and completing a post-project assessment with the library media specialist.

Librarian responsibilities: Coordinating project dates with the classroom teacher, providing technology training for the classroom teacher, providing materials for the teacher to introduce to the students, teaching students how to properly use material, circulating materials and equipment to students, cooperatively evaluating the final project, assisting the classroom teacher with classroom management duties, and completing a post-project assessment with the classroom teacher.


1. Assign a reading : "Advertising." World Book Online Reference Center. 2007. NHHS Lib. 10 July 2007 <http://www.worldbookonline.com/wb/Article?id=ar005440>.r>
Provide students with examples of outdoor advertising and analyze:
a. target audience
b. product being sold
c. design of advertisement
d. location of advertisement
e. perceived effectiveness
f. problems with advertisement
-blocks view
-creates sight pollution
-could provide misinformation

3. Assign cooperative groups of 3 to 5 students and provide students with a project rubric that was generated by the classroom teacher and media specialist (http://www.2learn.ca/construct/rubric/tlcrubric.html)

4. Issue 1 camera per group of students

5. Provide instruction on the use and proper handling of the camera.

6. Send students into the community to gather examples of outdoor advertising.

7. Have students select at least three examples of outdoor advertising.

8. Teach students how to crop and edit photographs. This is also a good time to explain copyright laws.

9. Students will analyze their examples and present their findings with either an advanced PowerPoint presentation (students should be able to highlight observation) or a movie. Presentations should also include photo credits (Noodlebib is a great tool)

10. Students' presentations will be peer reviewed prior to formal presentation.

11. Teacher and library media specialist will evaluate final product.


1. Students who have found advertisements that they find questionable could contact the company responsible for the advertisement and question its value.

2. Students could alert municipal governments about questionable advertisements.

3. A display of student would could be located in the local public library.


1. Students who are visually impaired could substitute audio advertisements.

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This project could also be used in business, psychology and sociology classes.
Town hall meeting regarding outdoor advertisement in students' community
Links: Rubrics
Citing Sources
World Book Online (Subscription Req.)
Digital Billboard Up Ahead: New-Wave Sign or Hazard?
Materials: Point and Shoot, Camera Bags, xD Memory Cards, Digital Voice Recorders