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Create a Greener Place - Podcast

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Keywords: Green lessons, Technology
Subject(s): Reading, Writing, Podcasting, Technology, Earth Science
Grades 3 through 12
School: Maplewood Intermediate School, Huntingtn Sta, NY
Planned By: Dermot OConnor
Original Author: Dermot OConnor, Huntingtn Sta
Create a Greener Place - Adventures in Podcasting

A Podcast is the latest thing in internet delivery of content. Some have said it's the next thing that may actually replace radio! Now, that's a powerful place to be when you’re shaping the future of our world!
Podcasting is a new phenomenon. The term comes from the combination of two words: iPod and broadcasting. Unlike traditional broadcasts, which require the listener tune in at the exact time a program is broadcast, podcasting allows the listener to download a program from the internet when convenient and listen to it on his/her iPod whenever and where ever the listener chooses. Of course the listener could just listen to the program from their computer too.
Everyone has heard all of the rage about downloading music from the internet. This is the same idea. But it's not just limited to music. People all over the world are starting their own programs, their own “broadcasts” or podcasts, and sharing them legally with anyone in the world with a computer who wants to listen. Major corporations are even doing podcasts: Disney, NPR, ESPN, ABC News, BBC News, sports, arts & entertainment, news, family, technology, public radio, talk radio, morning shows--it's all there. The list is huge!
Your next project will take place in two phases. The first phase will be to write down your thoughts and the second phase will be to record your Podcast here in class.

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I am asking all of the students to create a Podcast about making the world a Greener Place. What this means is what can you do to make the world Earth friendly.

Phase 1 – Preparing Your Script
(Please Type it and create a Cover)

When preparing your script you need to write down in an organized fashion what you would like to say to all of your Podcast listeners. The information should be clear and easy to follow. You should have enough information written down so that your Podcast will last between 3 -5 minutes when you are recording it. You can use the outline below to help you decide what you may want to talk about.

• What does Being Green mean to you?
• How do I get started?
• What are some things I can do to be Green?
• What are things my parents can do to be Green?
• What can the school do to be a Greener place?
• What are some things businesses and companies can do to become Green?
• Feel Free to include anything else you think people may want to know about Being Green.

You can probably do most of your research on the internet. There are plenty of websites with tons of ideas and information about Being Green and saving the Earth. You just have to look. So hop onto your favorite search engine and start researching.

Remember to give examples to support your information.

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Phase2 – Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse!!!!!!

The second part of this project requires you to record your Podcast. Before you record you must rehearse (practice) your Podcast. You want to make sure you can pronounce all the words you have used and be familiar with everything you have written. Also, you want to practice how you will read. When recording you want to sound interesting and not just read in a very flat tone. Think of your favorite radio or TV show, would you watch or listen to them if everything they said had no feeling or personality. Be sure to time yourself when you practice also, the recording needs to be at least 3 minutes long. When practicing remember to take your time and do not rush. If you try to talk too quickly you will be more likely to make a mistake. Be sure to give your Podcast a name and don’t forget to introduce yourself at the beginning of your Podcast (First name only please)

You can further enhance your recording by using a Flip Video Camera. This will enable your Podcast to become a Video Podcast

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Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Technology, Science, Language Arts
Materials: CDs and DVDs, Microphones, Digital Voice Recorders, Flip Video