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LESSON: The 50 States

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Keywords: Research on 50 states of USA
Subject(s): Geography, Social Studies
Grades 2 through 4
School: North Lewis Street Elem School, New Iberia, LA
Planned By: Rozemine Warlet
Original Author: Rozemine Warlet, New Iberia

Each student will pick the name of a state from "a hat". They will have to have located that state on the map print by the teacher and record the color. They can then go to the key to see what population size that color represents. Then, during computer class, we can go do some research about our state in our class room or in the computer lab. We will go to http://www.50states.com to find out the name of the capital city of this state. From there we will go to http://www.50states.com/bird to located the state bird. Then a picture of the bird can be printed out. From there we will go to http://www.50states.com/flag to find out about that state's flag. Once again, a picture of the flag can then be printed out. Follow-Up/Extension: Once all of the necessary material has been found about the various states, each student will be responsible for presenting his/her state to the class, based on the information that they have located. Each of the students in the class will have a black and white copy of the U.S. map, so when a state is being presented, they can color in that particular state the appropriate color, based on population size. Each student can display their pictures about their state on poster board, to be displayed around the room.

Materials: Video Cameras, Flash Memory Camcorders, Flip Video, DVD Camcorder, Hi-Def Camcorder, Digital Cameras, CDs and DVDs, Hard Drives, Printers, Camera/Video Accessories, Camera Bags, Flash/USB Drives, Elementary, Foreign Language, Books, Games