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A Picture's Worth a Thousand Notes

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Keywords: digital listening map
Subject(s): Music
Grades 6 through 12
School: Chateaugay High School, Chateaugay, NY
Planned By: Michael Trudo
Original Author: Michael Trudo, Chateaugay
Objectives: Students will listen critically to classical works and develop a listening map or format for the piece. Students will be able to represent each thematic section with a picture and explain why they chose the picture they did.

First teacher will model a digital listening map for the students using one created for this purpose.

Students will be given a choice of classical literature from 3 - 6 minutes in length and be asked to work with a partner to listen and create a visual map. (Using standard ABCD. etc...format). Then students will transpose that format into pictures.

Students will be required to set their pictures to the music in a power point type presentation and show to the class. They may even be posted to our class webpage.

Students will receive full credit if they: 1. Have developed a reasonable form for the
2. Have both worked on the project.
3. Finished a power point presentation.
4. Used all elemental aspect of music
discussed in class during presentation.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Employ pierod pieces of music from certain historical time periods (like the civil war for instance) and match them up to historical photos or other doquements to use them as a visual listening map.
Show presentations to other grade levels, or at the start of assemblies for pre-focusing activitiy.
Materials: Screen Capture, Clip Art, Flash/USB Drives, Cables, CDs and DVDs, Memory Cards, Tripods, Camera Bags, Animation, Video Tools, Portable, Point and Shoot, Switch Software