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Keywords: Science, Podcasting, writing
Subject(s): Podcasting, Special Needs, Writing, Reading, Information Skills, Spelling, Science, Drama
Grade 3
School: Anderson Elementary School, Spring, TX
Planned By: Michelle Cottle
Original Author: Michelle Cottle, Spring
Writing and science will be integrated to create review and vocabulary podcasts for students to share.

Students will listen to one or two podcasts to learn about different formats they may use, such as news talk radio, talk shows, interviews, etc. Then given science content and information students will write podcasts to create review materials. After revising and editing, students will create their podcasts using digital voice recorders. Podcasts will be uploaded to the school website to become available for all third grade students to access from home. School MP3 players will be used for students who do not have available technology for use at home.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This idea would benefit all students from gifted and talented through special education to our English language learners.
Materials: Digital Voice Recorders, MP3 Players
Other Items: 10 Student MP3 Players, $160 each, total of $1600.00
10 Easi-Speak Digital Recorders, $75 each, total of $750.00