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Motion force and Energy

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Keywords: Design and Build
Subject(s): Math, Science, English/Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Physics
Grades 6 through 8
School: Chaplin Watters Elem Sch 24, Jersey City, NJ
Planned By: Melanie DeFilippis
Original Author: Melanie DeFilippis, Jersey City
Student's will be able to design and build an amusemnet ride using Ko'nex pieces showing what they have learned in regards to Newton's three laws of motion, friction, speed, acceleration, centrifugal force, energy, motion, distance. They need to come up with a design by drawing it out making sure that when they build it they must incorporate all law's of motion into thier actual ride. Students' will then desing a flyer that descirbes all aspects of their ride and present it to the class.

Students are using HUB's to learn all about Motion force and engery. They are wrking in small groups being given small group instruction one-on one with the teacher and then move to other stations to work togehter to learn new vocabulary words, independnet reading about the major topics related to the lesson and then taking all of that to thier design and actual ride.
Materials: Elementary, Flash/USB Drives, CDs and DVDs, Printers, Point and Shoot, Video Cameras, Mobile Labs, Middle