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Using Photoshop to create a travel brochure.

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Keywords: design, brochure, travel, visual design, photoshop, digital
Subject(s): Social Studies, Photography
Grades 9 through 12
School: New Dorp High School, Staten Island, NY
Planned By: Brian Stefanelli
Original Author: Brian Stefanelli, Staten Island
The Aim of the lesson is:
How can we create a travel brochure that will attract tourists?

The lesson will begin with the motivation:
What are somethings people like to do for fun while on vacation?

Student ideas are then posted on the board. They should include responses such as (go to the beach, restaurant, clubs, sightseeing)

Material needed: A variety of travel brochures should be distributed to each student as an example and guide, brochure template, and Adobe Photoshop installed on computer stations.

Ask students : What images do you see on the front of the brochure?
What information is insided?
Student answers should be posted on the board.

The students will then have 10-15min to gather images from the internet.

Students are asked: What is the first step after collecting images
Response should be: to crop, adjust, retouch...

Students are asked: What images they might want to use for the front cover.
Responses should include: strong, colorful, focus of attention...

Students are then given 15min to retouch, crop and make changes to their images and prepare them for the brochure.
This lesson is project based and should take up to 5 -45min classes to complete.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This lesson can also be adapted to include countries studied in Global/World history.
Materials: Camera/Video Accessories, Digital SLR, Digital Cameras, Authoring and Publishing, Web Page
Other Items: 5 Canon EOS Rebel XS, $529.95 each, total of $2649.75