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News-2-You weekly activities

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Keywords: Special Education, News-2-You, Life skills
Subject(s): Video, Social Skills, Autism, Early Learning, Dyslexia, Special Needs, Reading, Home Economics, Social Studies, English/Language Arts, Science, Math
Grades K through 12
School: Ashville Elementary School, Ashville, OH
Planned By: Allison Jinks
Original Author: Allison Jinks, Ashville
Each week students read a special education newspaper (News-2-You). The newspaper provides students with current events happening around the world. It is written with symbols to help students with reading difficulties read.
At the end of the week, students from all special education classes (and regular education students who would benefit) would be split into two groups. One group would read the interactive version of the newspaper. It would be read aloud using the interactive whiteboard. Students would listen and discuss the newspaper and how it relates to each student. This group would also watch a preselected video on the topic. This would provide the students with a real world example of the topic. For example, if the newspaper was about a current event in Africa videos could include footage from African villages, African culture, music, and other releated videos.
The interactive whiteboard would be used for all of these activities. Studnts could learn how to bring up each of the items and eventually independently lead the lesson to the group.

Meanwhile, the other group of students would complete the weekly recipe activity (part of the News-2-You newspaper). This would provide students with life skills of measuring, reading, manipulating household products and appliances.

When both groups have completed both activities students would be brought together to complete a lesson summary. The summary would disucss life experiences and students would connect their 5 senses to the weekly topic and/or recipe.

Lesson could include 2 MD teachers, special education teachers, 1 regular education teacher, speech language pathologist and occupational therapist.
Students are vey engaged in the weekly topics and enjoy learning about things going on in the world around them.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Social Studies-geography-learning about the culture, location and current events.
Math-measuring for weekly recipe, time and temperature for cooking, years, dates, etc.
Reading and Language Arts-various reading activities, knock-knock jokes, using graphic symbols to determine meaning of words, many writing activities about each topic.
Because this lesson is a weekly activity it is used as a follow-up activity to the work done throughout the week with News-2-You. Students read the paper daily, complete the game pages, and complete a variety of related worksheets.
Links: News-2-You
Materials: Whiteboards, Early Learning, Autism, Cause and Effect, Switch Software, Dyslexia, Speech and Language
Other Items: News-2-You subscription