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Nuclear Scientists Project

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Keywords: Nuclear Scientists, journalism, World War 2, chemisty, physics
Subject(s): Science, English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Journalism, Chemistry, Physics
Grades 7 through 12
School: Joseph F Tuttle Middle School, Crawfordsvlle, IN
Planned By: Shannon Hudson
Original Author: Shannon Hudson, Crawfordsvlle
1. Students will research different atomic scientists.
2. Students will create 10 good questsions and answers in an interview format.
3. Students will create a movie or video utilizing another person as the interviewing host ot hostess.
4. Students will evaluate the contributions of the scientist.

1. Students will find two types of information on one of the scientists.
2. The first is to find out the great things this person discovered or how he or she contributed to the atomic theory.
3. The second is to find information about their personal lives. They MUST complete you research before beginning the project!
4. They will create 10 GOOD question AND answers using information about your scientist. They can imagine that the person is being interviewed. The questions CANNOT be yes/no- they must be open-ended.
5. To help you gather some ideas for questions, use what the “big reporters” use-- the 5-W’s and 1-H; who, what, when, why, where and how.
6. An easy first question is to ask the scientist to tell a little about themselves, then progress to questions like, “how do you get interested in...” and “Who has inspired you to work?” One question should lead very nicely into the next. Remember- this is an interview, so please make it sound like you are interacting with this person :-D
7. The assignment must be typed or hand-written in ink.
8. The cover (first page) of this project must be a picture of your scientist. The questions and answers will be stapled behind the picture.

This activity can be easily modified to fit social studies, chemistry and physics, or the politics of World War 2
Links: Manhattan Project
Link to atomic libraries
Manhattan Project
Materials: Timeline, Slideshow, Word Processor, Science, Digital SLR, Mobile Labs