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Let Us Grow Lettuce!

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Keywords: Lettuce, grow lab, science,
Subject(s): Technology, Reading, Science
Grade P-K
School: Elementary School 7, Paterson, NJ
Planned By: Ann Hazley
Original Author: Ann Hazley, Paterson
Objective: Using a digital camera, students will be able to indentify and document various stages of plant growth. Students will also analyze the plant under different conditions. Students will be able to research the history of the lettuce plant including nutritional content. Students will create a Powerpoint presentation, highliting the pictures taken during stages of growth, affects of different conditions and research information. Students will invite community members into the school to showcase this project by showing their powerpoint presentations and describing nutritional benefits of eating fresh vegetables and sharing a salad. Students will use the remaining lettuce for compost.

Time: Total 6 weeks: 2 weeks for Grow Lab (seed to sprout); 2-4 weeks for head to bloom in outdoor garden; 1 week for powerpoint development.

Materials Needed:
Lettuce seed
Planting pots
Grow Lab
Graph paper
Science journals
Digital Cameras

1. Present lesson/overview on growing plant from seed. Discuss conditions for optimal plant growth.
2. Digital Journal will begin here - have students keep a seperate section of their science notebook to identify pictures taken. Have students plant seeds and label pots.

Materials: Digital Cameras, Point and Shoot, Portable, Camera Bags, Flash/USB Drives, Memory Cards, Science, Middle, Cause and Effect