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What did you build?"

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Keywords: building, teamwork, problem solving
Subject(s): Social Skills, Technology, English/Language Arts
Grade P-K
School: Linda Vista Elem School, Ontario, CA
Planned By:
Original Author: Leticia Martinez, Ontario
thre small group: of 7-8 students (each group). Read the story: "The Three Little Pigs"... review the highlights of the story. In the block area students will work as team in building a structure. Provide different sizes of blocks, students take turns in placing their blocks; students communicate where to place a block. Talk about safety, "if too high, it might fall". Each student will have an opportunity to take a picture of structure being built. Teacher will guide student on how to hold the camera and press. When seeing their picture, they decide to keep or delete picture. While group is building, teacher will ask each student “what are building?” “Who helped you?” “What’s the name of your building?” Teacher writes down dictation, develops pictures. Mounts pictures with each student name with caption on a display board, student will share with friends while pointing “I took that picture”, share with parents "look what I made". At the annual school district EXPO, at the school booth, display board will be displayed for others to see.
Make the it fun and keep it simple.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Each student can make their own house/building like "the 3 little pigs".
Materials: Digital SLR, Flash/USB Drives, Tripods, Memory Cards, English/Language Arts, Early Learning
Other Items: 44 develope pictures, $.29 each, total of $12.76
3 display boards, $4.99 each, total of $14.97