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Keywords: Mathematics, equations, graphs, real-world, photography, design
Subject(s): Art, Technology, Calculus, Algebra, Photography, Geometry, Math, Trigonometry
Grades 9 through 12
School: Rivet Jr Sr High School, Vincennes, IN
Planned By: Beverly Adams
Original Author: Beverly Adams, Vincennes
Students check out the school's digital cameras and take a picture of items/objects in and around the school that have the shape of mathematical items learned about in class. For example, the top of the windows at the school form inverted parabolas. Students take a picture of the item and put it in a word document. They draw in an x-axis and y-axis, and calculate an equation that would fit the item. For example, the windows' equation could be y=-x^2. Students begin to see math all around them (in the "real-world") and think in terms of math.
Students enjoy this. It also helps reinforce the math they have learned. Sometimes students will take a picture of a item/object and not know what equation to write. They can then discuss with other students, look in their textbook, or experiment on their graphing calculator, or etc.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This can be used in any classroom--not just math. English classes can use the cameras to find "grammatical errors" out in the real world. Science classes can take pictures of animals or flowers being discusses. This can work with just about any class.
Students share with one another the items and equations that they discovered. The feedback among the students is very interesting.
Materials: Digital Cameras, Wildlife, Point and Shoot, Calculators, Graphing, CDs and DVDs, Hard Drives, Printers, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Memory Cards, Cables, Computer Accessories, Power, Keyboards, LCD Monitors, Mice, Math, High, Office Suite, Word Processor, Art Tools, Spreadsheet, Database, Web Page, Slideshow, Integrating Technology
Other Items: 30 Digital Cameras, $100 each, total of $3000.00
30 Flash Drives, $15 each, total of $450.00