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How to "Write Right"!

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Keywords: Writing
Subject(s): English/Language Arts
Grades K through 1
School: Forest Middle School, Forest, VA
Planned By: Maggie Marsh
Original Author: Maggie Marsh,
Subject: English Grade: K

VA Standard of Learning:

K.2 The student will use listening and speaking vocabularies.
a) Use number words.
b) Use words to describe/name people, places, and things.
c) Use words to describe location, size, color, and shape.
d) Use words to describe actions.
f) Follow one-step and two-step directions.
K.7 The student will develop an understanding of basic phonetic principles.
a) Identify and name the uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet.

K.9 The student will print the uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet independently.

K.10 The student will print his/her first and last names.

K.11 The student will write to communicate ideas.
b) Write left to right

Introduction (anticipatory set, focus, relate to previous learning):
One to two sentences will be written on the board with an appropriate/relevant illustration underneath. Students will be given the opportunity to review and practice their oral, reading and writing skills in this lesson. Students will practice their oral language skills by choosing words from one or two given sentence that describe specific qualities such as number, color, action, etc. Students will also be reading those sentences to familiarize themselves with new vocabulary, to recall previously learned vocabulary and identify basic parts of grammar in the given sentences. After identifying such features within those sentences and reading the sentences several times, students will copy the sentences down in their journals and draw a picture to describe that statement.

The student will. . . . .

Follow the given directions

Identify certain words (color words, number words, action words, etc) while re-reading the sentences on the Interactive White Board

Recall previously learned vocabulary and spell the word correctly

Distinguish certain parts of grammar (i.e. capital letters versus lower case letters, periods and their appropriate location)

Reproduce the written information on the board

The teacher will. . . . .

Direct students to retrieve their journals, pencils, erasers, etc. and prepare for their daily writing activity.

Introduce the sentences on the board and read them aloud to the class.

Briefly explain the drawing below; that its purpose is to go along appropriately with the above sentences.

Direct students to read the sentence one more time as a class, while looking for color words, number words, verbs, etc. (pointed out with the Interactive WhiteBoard)

Ask students to give examples of such words, and to spell those words on the IWB ( and identify such colors on a color map - from KidSpiration on the IWB).

Ask student to look for examples of appropriate grammar/what they notice within the sentence structure.

Direct the students to read the sentences one last time then to copy the sentences in their journal with an illustration.

Observe students as they are writing and provide encouragement and reinforcement on individual skill levels.

Closing: Have students volunteer to read the sentences one again from their own journal

Evaluation: Students will be informally assessed through fulfillment of the general and specific objectives above

Materials: (Teacher): Interactive White board, KidSpiration, markers, crayons (Student): journal, pencil, eraser, crayons (if available)

Provisions for Individual Differences: Those who are not having much success with identifying certain words or their spelling format will receive reinforcement from the teacher such as emphasizing and recalling certain skills that have been previously learned in the classroom.

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Cross-Curriculum Ideas
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Materials: Inspiration, Whiteboards
Other Items: 1 Interactive Whiteboard, $1399.00 each, total of $1399.00
1 Inspiration, $59.99 each, total of $59.99