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Super Hero High

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Keywords: Movie Making, Story Board, Technology, Costume Design
Subject(s): Art, Video, Social Skills, Technology, Special Needs, Writing, Home Economics, English/Language Arts, Drama
Grades P-K through 9
School: P 233, Hollis, NY
Planned By: Michael DiGiovanni
Original Author: Michael DiGiovanni, Hollis
The lesson would start with a brainstorm on "What is a Hero?" Students will be given a menu of heroic characteristics. This menu would be differentiated with words and picture symbols depending on the studentsí ability level. Students will then decide what heroic characteristics they see in themselves. From that, the students will be able to create their "Super Hero" identity. From that point, they will be given a second menu of options for costume design. Students will make their own costumes in Home Economics class, using material and sewing machines. The students in the class will be then story board the movie, incorporating each super hero in the plot. The plot will be that each class in the building (6 classes, 2 heroes per class) will need our Super Powers to alleviate a problem they are having in the class (I.e. The great Math wiz will use his super calculator to solve a problem stumping the class, or The Great Cleaner will fix up a mess that no one can clean.) Along with having starring roles in the production, the students will each be given jobs in the movie production. A few students will be trained to run the cameras and microphones. Another student will be trained to be the director. Each student will have to "apply" for their jobs on the set. The jobs will be designed to meet the studentsí abilities. Once the production is shot, the class will cut and edit the movie as a class. The movie will then be shown at a school assembly. This project is ideally designed for a summer school session (6 weeks), though it could take place during the school year as well. (Please note that my students have multiple disabilities. Though each student is of High School age (15-20), their ability levels range from Pre K- 8th grade.) This project is designed to show that students with multiple disabilities can create a grand project on their own if designed correctly to meet their disabilities. To me, my students are true super heroes.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This lesson will encorporate each teacher my students see each day (myself, Home Economics, and Art.)
During the Grand Premiere, students can make baked goods and Movie Brochures to hand out to the audience. Students can make movie posters to promote the production.
Materials: DVD Camcorder, Microphones, Video Tools, Tripods, Batteries, CDs and DVDs, Literacy, Books, Authoring and Publishing, Slideshow, Screen Capture, Sound Libraries, Switch Software
Associated File: 3219.kid