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Cryptid Zoo

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Keywords: Research, Reading, Speaking, Writing, Digital Photography, Drama, Drawing
Subject(s): Information Skills, Reading, Writing, Podcasting, Technology, Art, Photography, Drama
Grades 4 through 6
School: Penns Valley Elementary School, Spring Mills, PA
Planned By: Kristen Albright
Original Author: Kristen Albright, Spring Mills
Objective: To allow students to combine research skills with digital illustrations and dramatic podcasting.

1. Explain to the students the definition of cryptid. Show them pictures from books, magazines, or websites.
2. Direct the children to www.unknownexplorers.com to choose a creature to research.
3. Once they have completed their research, they should write a short script for their character describing the history and appearance of the animal.
4. Students will illustrate their creature using various art supplies.
5. Using digital cameras, students will take a picture of their illustration which will be uploaded into the computer.
6. Students will use the free website called Blabberize and follow the simple instructions to animate their cryptid.
7. The children will use microphones to read their script into the Blabberize site.
8. Students can enjoy watching the Blabberized creations of their class.

See our finished projects at: http://www.cryptidzoo.blogspot.com/
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This unit lends itself to art, language arts, digital photography, drama, and research
Links: Unknown Explorers
PV Cryptid Zoo (Examples)
Materials: Cables, Microphones, Networked Projectors, Point and Shoot, Whiteboards, Web Page, Speech and Language
Other Items: Various markers, crayons, and pencils, $25.00 each
1 White construction paper, $4.25 each, total of $4.25