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Show de Moda

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Keywords: show, fashion, Spanish,
Subject(s): Foreign Language
Grades 10 through 12
School: VirtualSC, Columbia, SC
Planned By: Trixi DeRosa-Davis
Original Author: Trixi DeRosa-Davis, Duncan
Objective: High school students will make avdigital fashion show to learn clothing vocabulary.

Essential Question: How do you use clothing vocabulary to put on a fashion show?

digital cameras
digital voice recorders
computer lab
Power point

1. Students will begin by taking pictures of one another. Focusing on different items of clothing. Students will need approximately 10-15 clothing items to identify.
2. Students will upload those pictures to the computers. Students will then insert those pictures into powerpoint. Each slide must contain 1-2 items of clothing.
3. Using powerpoint students will then label the clothing in Spanish with wordart. They will also add an appropriate price for the clothing in Euros by looking at current exchange rates.
4. Students will save their slides as .jpg and then import them in to windows moviemaker.
5. Students will add a title slide and credit slide.
6. Students will then write setences narrating the fashion show. Students will record their narration using the digital recorders.
7. Students will then import the audio into their fashion show.
8. Students will share their videos with their classmates.
Students really enjoy seeing themselves as models. They also enjoy putting this project together.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Students in other languages could use this project. This could also be done to help review colors and materials.
These videos could be sent to the elementary school and middle schools to share some Spanish vocabulary.
Links: Link to student instructions
Materials: Point and Shoot, Digital Voice Recorders, Microphones, Flash/USB Drives, Headsets