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Clubhouse design

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Keywords: Math, Design, Video, Podcast, Projector
Subject(s): Video, Math
Grade 5
School: Pembroke Pines Elem School, Pmbk Pines, FL
Planned By: C A
Original Author: christine andreu, Pmbk Pines
The lesson is given through a webquest design with the following directions:

Design a Clubhouse


Congratulations, "We Build It All Incorporated" an architectural firm that specializes in creating blueprints for building projects has just hired you. Your boss, the builder, has just assigned you a new project. You must design a blueprint and floor plan for a high-class club house to be sold by Andreu Building Supplies.

You must design the blueprint and floor plan for a 1-story clubhouse. You must draw an outside view of the clubhouse you wish to design. You will then design the blue prints for your clubhouse. The drawing, blueprints and floor plans must then be presented to your teacher and the class.

After researching other floor plans and designs on the internet:

1. You will draw a picture showing the outside view of the clubhouse you wish to design.
2. You will use the grid provided to design a blueprint, and a floor plan for your clubhouse.
3. Your clubhouse must not exceed (be larger than) 4 meters long, by 4 meters wide, by 2 meters high.
4. Included in your blueprint and floor plan must be:
a. 4 separate rooms of varying size to accommodate different activities (meeting room, snack room, reading room, etc.)
b. 2 windows of differing sizes
c. 1 door
d. furniture
e. other
5. You will include the measurements of each room, door, and windows on your blueprint.
6. You will submit the final blue print and floor plan to your teacher.
7. You will create a marketing concept for your design and develop a technologically based presentation using keynote or power point that can be displayed using the promethean board.You may also record a commercial to advertise your design.
Evaluation: The winning design will be developed into a 3D model.
Developing a model to scale, and a marketing plan
Materials: Flip Video, Portable, Flash/USB Drives