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Cinderella - Digital Storytelling

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Keywords: digital storytelling, kindergarten, fairy tales
Subject(s): Podcasting, Writing, Reading, Photography, English/Language Arts, Journalism
Grades K through 2
School: Anderson Elementary School, Wilmington, NC
Planned By: Erika Theisen
Original Author: Erika Theisen, Wilmington
Whole Group:
Students will study four different versions of the Cinderella story. As a group students will identify the good characters, mean characters, problem, and solution of each story. Story elements will be written down on a large poster board and categorized so students can draw identify patterns and differences.

Small Group:
After completing a critical analysis of the Cinderella stories, students will work in small groups of seven to identify the main parts of the traditional story. Each student will choose a part in the story to illustrate. After illustrations are complete students will practice retelling their part of the story.

Computer Lab:
Students will use the scanner in the computer lab to scan in their illustrations.
Students will move the program, Movie Maker, to format their groups story.
Students will record their portion of the retelling with a microphone.
The teacher will format the sound with the pictures.

This is a great project for kindergarten students. It requires teacher support and carefully guided instruction for students to be able to use the equipment. Students quickly take ownership over their work.

We podcasted our digital story on our classroom website for parents to view. Some of my students have parents and other family members who live in other states and have accessed our website to view their child's work.
I am very excited about the potential for cameras in the classroom. I have found that all students, even those with special needs have the opportunity to shine with the use of technology.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Social Studies: Use versions of Cinderella that high-light other cultures.
Students can make up their own stories including characters and setting, and create storyboards that illustrate their tale. They can then either scan in their project and record their narratives or video record themselves showing their storyboards and telling their stories.
Materials: Flip Video, Digital Cameras, Camera/Video Accessories, Camera Bags, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Memory Cards, Elementary, Early Learning