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Keywords: Animal Movies, animal research, animals
Subject(s): Video, Technology, Life Science, Writing, Reading, Information Skills
Grades 4 through 6
School: Spaght Multi Media Magnet, Wichita, KS
Planned By: Dana Oswald
Original Author: Dana Oswald, Wichita
1. Research
The students will choose an animal found at their local zoo, and will begin researching: (1) where they live (2) what they look like (3) what they eat (4) their scientific classification (4) interesting facts.
This section is to be can be done during writing or science time.

*Option- the students could work in groups of 4, with each group member researching one aspect of the animal*

2. Script
The students will then write a script implementing their research. A good example of what this could look/sound like is from Jeff Corwin or Steve Erwin's animal shows. The scripts should be interesting, accurate, and easy to understand. The student will go through the standard writing process while completing this part (prewrite, rough draft, revise, edit and final copy).
This section should be done during writing time.

3. Practice
Once the research and the scripts are complete, the students will need time to practice using the flip cameras (or other digital recorders) and rehearsing their scripts. Microphones should be used so that the audio is picked up during the recording.

4. Action- trip to the zoo
When the students are at the zoo, their job is to find their animal and give/read their presentation. The other students will be record this process.

5. Editing and video making
Back at the school, the students will need to upload their videos to the computer. They will then use Windows Movie Maker to edit their segment. Music and words should be added as needed. With the help of the teacher, the video clips will be assembled into a class movie.

6. Presentation
Students can make invitations to their parents and family for the "premier" of the movie during school hours.
More flip cameras would be great, but 6 will work if the kdis share.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This is great for incorporating reseach skills, reading and writing skills.
The students will watch the class movie and could have a question and answer time. Possibly even a sequel.
Materials: Flip Video, Microphones, Batteries, English/Language Arts
Other Items: 6 Flip Video cameras
6 Microphones