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A Fishy Environment 'We need 'em Clean!' Web Lesson

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Keywords: Photography, Writing, Website creation, Mercury, life cycle of fish, life cycle of methyl-mercury
Subject(s): Science, Biology, Earth Science, Writing, Technology
Grades 6 through 8
School: St John Evangelist School, Clinton, MD
Planned By: Joan Davis
Original Author: Joan Davis, Clinton
Use digital cameras and digital video to document each instructional step of our field trip to a local fish hatchery.

After returning, the students will incorporate the photos and videos into an orderly, instructional website. Each photo will have attached explanations, which the students will write. The photos will lead up to the video of the hatchery personnel as they explain how the hatchery works. Instruction will also be given on the life cycle of methyl-mercury within the life of fish, where mercury is stored in the fish, and what happens if humans then consume these fish.
This field trip would be greatly enhanced if we could record real-time the instruction from the fish hatchery personnel, and record photos of the fish and how a hatchery works. This instruction could be preserved and presented to other classrooms.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Incorporating this into a website would provide real life practice that would greatly benefit our students, and provide other students a chance to participate in this learning.
We will study the tragedy of Minemata Bay in Japan during the 1950's.
Materials: Middle, Writing, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Tripods, Camera Bags, Video Tools, Digital SLR, Point and Shoot, Flash Memory Camcorders, Web Page, Screen Capture