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Subject(s): Podcasting, Special Needs, Social Studies, Drama, History
Grades 7 through 8
School: Longfellow Middle School, Mt. Vernon, NY
Planned By: patricia Alexander
Original Author: patricia Alexander, Mt. Vernon
Students write a play using a historical setting and perhaps a historical event. Their stories are required to have a fully developed idea regarding a historical time. They then put themselves in a situation and write dialogue establishing how they believed people would react in certain situations. For example, some students wrote about the Great Depression, imagining how a family would survive. The next step is to go to free downloads where sound effects can be downloaded for free on the Web. Then students record their dialogue on Tool Factory, add the sound effects and the project is complete. They have the option to publish it on ITunes if they would like.

Goals: Students will do historic research.
Students will think using a historic perspective.
Students will write well developed ideas and dialogue.
Students will learn how to podcast.
Students will learn about producing sound recordings.
Students will have a technological experience that can translate to other areas of their lives.
This lesson had a high level of interest from my inclusion class and below average readers. It is very rewarding to see students that often struggle, to finally flourish. They love doing computer assignments and this one was expecially rewarding.
Materials: Headsets
Other Items: 1 COMPUTER