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Keynote Digital Parts of Speech

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Keywords: Keynote Parts of Speech Presentation
Subject(s): Writing, Reading, English/Language Arts, Spelling, Grammar, Drama
Grades 9 through 12
School: Hiram W Johnson High School, Sacramento, CA
Planned By: Barbara tigert
Original Author: Barbara tigert, Sacramento
Students will need at least one computer per partner pair.

1)We will choose a template,
2) then gather media and text to place on the slides.
3) We will need
a) audio, either music or sound effects
b) pictures, either photographs, clip art, or copyright free internet songs
c) movies, either that we make ourselves or download from the internet, copyright free
d) text
4) We will share our projects with the whole class

Students will work on their own laptops, ideally and then import all their work to one place. We are expecting to get a projector in our classroom sometime before the end of the school year, so then we will all learn our parts of speech in an exciting way. If we get the software, we will also learn how to do animation with this Parts of Speech project

My classes are all English Language Learners at the intermediate level. Therefore we will be able to create projects in two languages and link to KVIE, a public TV station that broadcasts in languages other than English and is looking for student produced materials.

Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara Tigert

I'm not sure of what animation software is available, but if you can recommend something good, that would be great. Otherwise, we have a computer teacher on campus who teaches animation and I will ask him what he recommends.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
We could do biographies and cross with history with the same format as above. Of we could do research papers and cross with any of the disciplines.
We will be constantly using the media equipment to enhance our reading and writing skills. Every unit will have a video component.
Links: Link to KVIE Channel 6
Link to YouTube
Materials: Animation, Camera Bags, Early Learning
Other Items: 6 DVD Camcorders, $200 each, total of $1200.00
10 Digital Cameras-Yearbook, $200 each, total of $2000.00
15 Camera Bags, $30 each, total of $450.00
1 Projector Screen, $110 each, total of $110.00
1 DVD Player, $150 each, total of $150.00
1 Animation Software, $400 each, total of $400.00