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Silicate Gardens

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Keywords: Kidspiration
Subject(s): Photography, Science, Chemistry
Grades 9 through 12
School: Cocoa High School, Cocoa, FL
Planned By: Elizabeth Hickey
Original Author: Elizabeth Hickey, Cocoa

Students will take digital pictures of thier Silicate Gardens and load the pictures onto a computer. Image J (free software) is used for measurements of silicate tube growth.

Students can download pictures of SIlicate Gardens being grown on the International Space Station (via Orionsquest.org) and analyze growth in a microgravity environment.

Students evaluate one of several variables as they analyze and compare photographic records from the International Space Station with an earth based control study.

Student data is submitted online and forwarded to Dr. Cartwright and Dr. Diaz for possible inclusion in their databases.
Materials: Digital Cameras, Computer Accessories, High