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Our Monster travels....

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Keywords: Kidspiration
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Writing, Technology, Social Skills, Spelling, Grammar
Grades K through 2
School: Moss Bluff Elementary School, Lake Charles, LA
Planned By: Meg Reed
Original Author: Meg Reed, Lake Charles

We began the project by creating a class monster using Kidspiration program and voted on the one to use. Since the children are not allowed to email, I began by sending a note home to parents explaining that I would need their email address. Various students typed emails using my email account.
We emailed our parents them a friendly email attaching our mascot and asking them to forward this email and then have them write a note back to us. We then replied with a thank you and students located area on a map. The students began mailing various people explaining our project and telling them we would like them to pass the monster on and email a note back to us. When we received emails back, we would read them and then locate where it came from on a map. Various students responded to the email using my account and locating it on a large class map. The students then took pictures with the mascot and the map.
Overall, the students enjoyed doing this project. I think it allowed them to be creative and to come up with a class mascot. It also helped increase writing skills, map skills and technology skills. One thing I would change next time I do this project is to allow each student to make a mascot, send out different ones, and track the different ones.