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The Shape of Disaster - Current Event - Swine flu/Hurricanes/tornadoes/Wild Fire

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Keywords: Kidspiration, bookmaking, alphabet, disaster preparation
Subject(s): Early Learning, Dyslexia, Special Needs, Writing, Reading, Earth Science, Information Skills, English/Language Arts, Civics
Grades K through 2
School: Lake Noxen Elementary School, Lehman, PA
Planned By: Kathy Finnerty
Original Author: Kathy Finnerty, Lehman

Objective: Students in grades k-2 will recognize change in natural systems that require safety measures ( PA Curriculum Standard 3.1 Unifying Themes)

Procedure: Given readings on the basic elements of natural disasters using both trade books and the elementary science curriculum, students will brainstorm using kidspiration to think of a shape representing a hurricane, tornado, fire, flood, and pandemic. Discuss with the students way that they would like to present the material they learn to other younger students.
1. Students will use kidspiration to design a page for the book that will be read aloud to kindergarten students. Teacher will assist students by editing and making sure information is accurate, informative, and gives a tip that a young student could follow to stay safe.

2. Use Kidspiration to organize the students individual work into a booklet that can be copied.

3. Present the booklet using a smart board to class and then to others

4. Print hard copies of book

Evaluation: The following rubric will be used:
5 Kidspiration product is clear, concise and has accurate information
4 Kidspiration product is clear and has accurate information, but is not concise
3 Kidspiration product lacks clarity but has accurate information
2 Kidspiration product has some information and the product is unclear
1 Kidspiration product was turned in and student has made an attempt to complete assignment but it lacks clarity, is not concise and some of the information is accurate
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Using this lesson as a service-learning project allows young students to learn about disaster preparation in a non-threatening and non scary setting.
Materials: Whiteboards, Printers, English/Language Arts, Cause and Effect, Speech and Language