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Pretty Plants Point of View

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Keywords: Kidspiration
Subject(s): Spelling, English/Language Arts, Writing, Grammar
Grades 4 through 5
School: Boiling Springs Intermediate, Boiling Springs, SC
Planned By: Karen James
Original Author: Karen James, Boiling Springs

Standard-Students will write for a variety of purposes

1. Explain to students they will be using a program in the computer lab called Kidspiration.
2. Using a projector and/or Smart Board, log onto ,Kidspiration, and demonstrate the many tools in the software.
3. Next give students a handout with directions for their writing assignment.
Directions: Using ,Kidspiration, draw and color any type of flower. Give your flower a name using personification. When you have completed your drawing and you are satisfied with your creation think about how a flower would feel if it was feed and watered and how it would feel if it were not feed and watered. Include suggestions from the flower's point of view. Create a poem written from the flower's point of view.
4. Students will then go to the computer label to create their drawing using ,Kidspiration, Software.
5. When students have completed their computer drawing, they will use the steps of the writing process to construct a poem.
6. When students are ready to publish, provide computer lab or computer class time to use ,Word ,to type their poem.
7. Give students construction paper to mount their drawing and poem.
8. Each student will present their drawing and poem to the class.
I use a rubric to assess. I believe each teacher should create thier own rubric.
This activity gives children the opportunity to explore , Kidspiration, software. This is great at the beginning of the year so that students can use ,Kidspiration, for projects and other assignments through out the school year. I teach a single gender all girls' class and this activity gave me as well as the students an insight to how other people feel.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This lesson ties into art, technology, writing, grammar, and can be used with any science unit. If you team teach as I do, your teaching partner can work together.
Students can research different types of plants. This can also be an ongoing project as you discuss figurative language. Students can add to their flower family and create an illustrated children's book using ,Kidspiration.