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Who Am I?

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Keywords: Formatting Photos, Word Art, Digital Pictures
Subject(s): Technology, Writing, Photography, English/Language Arts, Spelling, Grammar
Grades 4 through 5
School: New Market Elementary School, Sophia, NC
Planned By: Betsey Beasley
Original Author: Betsey Dixon, Sophia
Step 1: Students are instructed to open up a word processing document. (They should, by this exercise, be comfortable using word processing software.)

Step 2: Using Word Art, the students create a title for their document. I make all of mine title their's the same...Who Am I?

Step 3: The students then are instructed to type the letters of their name vertically, by hitting enter after each letter, in a large font size, such as 36 or 40. (They choose their own font style. They know that I must be able to read it.)

Step 4: Once the students have gotten their letters of their name typed, they are instructed to click after the first letter of their name, reduce the font size to 24 aprox., and type a clue about them that starts with that letter. They then do that for each letter of their name.

Step 5: Once the students have finished their acrostic poem, they are ready to insert their photo. This can be done in different ways. The teacher can take all of the photos, the students can be put in partners, any way that works best. I put the students in partners and let them take pictures of one another against a stark white background. (I hung a pieice of white posterboard on the wall.) They then upload their picture to their computer and insert it into their document.

Step 6: Once the students have inserted their picture, and resized it to fit on their page comfortably, it needs to be turned into a silouette. The students are instructed to right click on the picture and select "Format Picture." The formatting dialog box appears and they change the color of the picture to Black and White. If this does not completely change the picture, the brightness and contrast may need to be played with to get the right effect.

Step 7: Once that is done, the students are ready to print out their work!
This activity is great for the children to learn how to, not only work with the cameras, but also to insert pictures into a document and format them!
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This could also be done with faculty around the school. As a bulletin board, students could come up with clues about faculty members and put their silouette beside it!
Materials: Point and Shoot, Printers, Flash/USB Drives, Memory Cards, Power, Keyboards, Mice, Word Processor