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Digital Field Guides

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Keywords: Digital Field Guides
Subject(s): Art, Technology, Writing, Earth Science, Biology, Photography, Science
Grades 3 through 8
School: King Science Center, Omaha, NE
Planned By: Kristine Denton
Original Author: Kristine Denton, Omaha
Share with students examples of popular field guides. Point out that all of them contain colorful pictures with detailed descriptions of everything documented.

Choose an area for students to collect pictures. The entire school yard, a park, a field trip to a nature reserve are all examples of great places for students to document an ecosystem.

Students take photos of all living and non-living things in the ecosystem. Upload the photos and begin creating a powerpoint that provides the details for each item photographed: living/nonliving, scientific name, description of habitat, behaviors. Students should also record themselves reading the information on their powerpoint.
Materials: Digital Cameras, Office Suite
Other Items: 1 Digital Camera Mobile Lab, $3,400 each