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Digital Portfolio and the Green School Act of Michigan

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Keywords: Ditigal Portfolio
Subject(s): Earth Science, Biology, Science
Grades 9 through 12
School: Columbia Central High School, Brooklyn, MI
Planned By: Kimberly Samson
Original Author: Kimberly Samson, Brooklyn
Students at Columbia Central High School Science 9 class have recently become a Michigan Green school and are wishing to make a digital portfolio of next year's endeavors in keeping the school working towards this goal. Students will use their digital portfolio to keep a record of their progress throughout the year on various projects completed such as
1. recycling newspapers and magazine and plastic bottles
2. cell phone recycling and rechargable batteries
3. adopting a endangered species
4. nesting boxes for tree swallows and chickadee birds
5. michigan native garden and outdoor learning lab ( to be completed after grant acceptance)
6. presentation by a ecological spokesperson
7. solar power presentations\
8. earth day celebrations
9. elementary lesson plans taught by members of the 9th grade class to 3rd graders
10. project green buddies

Students will use the digital portfolio to share their successes with the local community and the school communtiy in yearbook. Students will also be able to make power points and share them with other local schools to encourage them to get on board with Michigan's Green Initative.
Presentations to other local school districts about how to beocme a green school in their community.
Materials: Mobile Labs, Digital Cameras, Point and Shoot, Printers, Camera/Video Accessories, Camera Bags, Flash/USB Drives, Tripods, Batteries