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Shape all around

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Keywords: Solid Shape Photography
Subject(s): Writing, Photography, Math
Grades 2 through 3
School: Canoe Creek Charter Academy, Saint Cloud, FL
Planned By: Elizabeth Ballard
Original Author: Elizabeth Ballard, Saint Cloud
Grade Level: 2nd

Subjects: Math and Writing

Objectives: Students will be able to identify solid shapes in their environment.
Students will be able to sort and classify solid shapes.
Studenst will be able to use appropriate vocabulary to write reasons for their classification.
Students will be able to reflect on their experience.

Timeline: 1 week

1. Solid Shapes
2. Digital Cameras
3. Classification template
4. Journal

DAY 1 - Students will be introduced to solid shapes: sphere, cylinder, square pyramid, rectangular prism, cone, and cube.
DAY 2 - Students will be introduced to the vocabulary words: edge, face, vertex.
DAY 3 - Students will be put into groups and given a digital camera to go outside or in classrooms to find examples of solid shapes.
DAY 4 - Students will be given their pictures to paste on to a classification template. They will write what the shape of the object is and then give reasons why using the vocabulary learned on day 2.
DAY 5 - Students will present their findings to the class. They will discuss any differences they might have on their reasoning with each other. They will then reflect on the experiences by using their journals and a partner. They will respond back and forth to each other in their journal.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
You could easily make a science unit with this idea using living and non-living objects.
Students could take this activity home where they could locate different solid shapes in their home environment.
Materials: Digital Cameras, Point and Shoot, Camera/Video Accessories, Camera Bags, Batteries, Memory Cards