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Ocean's 4

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Keywords: Technology, videos, Earth Science
Subject(s): Video, Technology, Podcasting, Writing, Reading, Earth Science, Spelling, Grammar, Science
Grades 4 through 6
School: St Agnes School, Arlington, VA
Planned By: Karen Conlin
Original Author: Karen Conlin, Arlington

Karen Conlin

21st Century Educator

Video Editing Lesson Plan
Oceanís 4

Overview: The fourth grade science curriculum includes a unit on oceanography and ecosystems. By creating a paper oceanic mural and costumes the students can role-play individuals associated with the unit.
Integrating technology in the curriculum is vital for the students to learn 21st century skills. By collaborating with the fourth grade classroom teacher and combining science in the computer class the students can learn subject matter in an interactive, self-directed method. The students can videotape, edit and publish the video as a pod cast.

Lesson Goals: The main goal in this project is to cover the science curriculum unit about ocean ecosystems and the technology skills of creating a video, editing and publishing a pod cast.


Oceanography/Life Science
S.4.6 The student will explore and investigate the ecosystems of the ocean
Concepts include:
a) physical characteristics (depth, salinity, major currents)
b) geological characteristics (continental shelf, slope rise, trenches, plateau)
c) biological characteristics (ecosystems)
d) pollution and conservation
e) effect of gravity and the formation of tides
f) potential of the oceans as a major resource (food, energy)
g) oceans in the water cycle

Knowing telecommunications terminology and capabilities

Using local, wide-area, and world wide network communication systems to access information
Processing, storing, retrieving, and transmitting electronic information

Content Area:
Science and Technology

Large craft paper, paints, markers, crayons
Video camera
Computer with Internet connection
Teacher created podcast site.

Students will create a paper mural and costumes. Create a video using the mural and costumes and performing a narrative of the individual parts.
Instruction will be reinforced in the creation of the mural, costumes, video taping and pod cast.
It is hoped that the students can manipulate the video camera, understand the concepts of the ocean ecosystems, and use cognitive thinking skills in grasping the presented abstract ideas. A minimum amount of teacher involvement is planned with open-ended instruction.

Rubrics will be used by the classroom teacher and the computer teacher.

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This integrates technology with science, art and language arts
Video revisions are createdusing Microsoft Movie Maker
Materials: Microphones
Other Items: 4 Flip Video, $170.00 each, total of $680.00
10 Microphones, $20.00 each, total of $200.00