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1st Grade Memories

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Keywords: Kidspiration, photo album, captions
Subject(s): Writing, Photography
Grades 1 through 12
School: Carver Primary School, Chicago, IL
Planned By: Jenifer Toth
Original Author: Jenifer Toth, Chicago

Throughout the school year we capture memories by taking pictures of events and activities. Each student is given the opportunity to pick out pictues that he/she is in to create a first grade memory sheet. After choosing 5 or 6 pictures they will type a caption under each picture. The page will include their name and a picture of them alone in the center of the page. They will also add Kidpiration icons to the page. All of the pages will be compiled into one book and the book with be copied and spiral bound for each student. It will be titled First Grade Memories.
Materials: Point and Shoot, Batteries, Writing
Associated File: 3385.kid