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Keywords: photography, layout, art, posters, technology
Subject(s): Art, Technology, Photography
Grades 4 through 5
School: Pioneer Intermediate School, Noble, OK
Planned By: Tenille Mehl
Original Author: Tenille Mehl, Noble
Objective: students will learn to look at objects in a different way and notice details interesting to that object.

Materials: digital cameras, foam board, boxcutter knife, gel or glitter pens, glue or glue sticks, scissors, sequins, rulers, "scrapbook-type" paper, ribbon, other decorative items (student's choice)

Student Goals:
1. Student will use camera and camera settings appropriately
2. Student will pick out appropriate object for photographing
3. Student will be able to capture three or four photographs of his or her object in an artistic fashion.
4. Student will be able to upload, edit, and print photographs and mount into a display.

Lesson Plan Description:

Students will work individually with the digital camera to shoot an object of their choice. They will be given a set amount of time to go out of the classroom, find an object, shoot it, then return the camera to the next student. After all the students have finished capturing their photographs, they will use artistic design to edit their photographs, including adding black and white, sepia, capturing only one color, cropping, etc.

After the students have the actual photographs, they will each use a piece of foam board or poster board to mount their photographs. Students will be encouraged to add boarders to the photos as well as decorating the background space to create a unified piece of art.

Student artwork will be hung in the hallway where other students can take guesses as to what the object is.

The time frame for this activity is 3-4 sessions of 40 minutes each.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Instead of taking pictures of any object, this activity could be used as a science lesson by having the students take the pictures of things found in nature.
It could also be used in health class, with students taking the up close pictures of a healthy food item.
Materials: Point and Shoot, Art Tools, Printers, Camera Bags, Flash/USB Drives, Tripods, Batteries, Memory Cards, Cables, Power, Keyboards, Ports and Hubs, Mice
Other Items: 12 posterboard size piece of foam board, $1.50 each, total of $18.00
72 3 x 5 photograph printing fee (wal-mart), $.35 each, total of $25.20
1 glitter or gel pens, $8.00 each, total of $8.00
1 bag of sequins, $2.00 each, total of $2.00
48 scrapbook-type paper, $.35 each, total of $16.80