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Leaf Scavenger Hunt

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Keywords: digital cameras, leaf collection, dicotomous key
Subject(s): Biology, Earth Science, Life Science, Science, Chemistry
Grades 6 through 7
School: St Francis DeSales School, Houma, LA
Planned By: Wendy Delgado
Original Author: Wendy Delgado, Houma
Wendy Delgado
St. Francis de Sales

Topic: Leaf Scavenger Hunt Level: 7th Grade

* Generate testable questions about object, organisms, and events that can be answered through scientific investigation. (SI-M-A1)
* Identify problem, factors, and questions that must be considered in a scientific investigation. ( SI-M-A1)
* Record observations using methods that complement investigations (e.g., journals, tables, charts). (SI-M-3)
* Classify organisms based on structural characteristics, using dichotomous key. ( LS-M-C1)
* Construct, use, and interpret appropriate graphical representations to collect, record, and report data.
(SI- M- A4)

Engage: Observations of a variety of leaves and their shapes. Use a dichotomous key to classify the specific leaf types.

Explorations: Students will go on a learning excursion to Mandalay National Wildlife Refuge. Mandalay National Wildlife Refuge, established 1996, is located in Terrebonne Parish. The 4, 212 acre refuge is composed of freshwater marsh and cypress-tubelo swamp. The trail provides a look at three different habitats within a forty-five minute hike. The students will be collecting and identifying leaf samples using digital cameras. The students will create a leaf scrapbook of their experience of the Mandalay Trail. The students will also collect water samples from the various water sources on the trail.

Explanation: Use the digital pictures to compose a power point slide show of their learning excursion. The students will also construct graphs and data charts using the information collected in the water samples. The pH and water quality will be investigated further using these data charts and graphs in Excell.

Introduce the following terms:
simple leaf
compound leaf

1. Formal Assessement: Teacher made test
2. Presentations of Power Point slide shows

Have students compare the results of their pH water quality test using graphs and data tables.

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
The computer teacher will be using the lesson to help the students with their understanding of various computer programs and technology (digital cameras).
Materials: Video Cameras
Other Items: 7 Digital Camera, $200.00 each, total of $1400.00
7 Memory cards, $60.00 each, total of $420.00
7 Card Readers, $60.00 each, total of $420.00