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Living History Video Project

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Keywords: Interview, Video Editing, Podcasting, Living History
Subject(s): Video, Social Skills, Technology, Podcasting, Writing, Information Skills, Photography, English/Language Arts, Spelling, Service Learning, Grammar, Journalism, Drama, Civics, History
Grade 5
School: Ridgeview Elementary School, Colorado Springs, CO
Planned By: Scott Cleland
Original Author: Scott Cleland, Colorado Springs
Length of Project: 2009 2010 school year
Outcome: Students will be able to create a documentary using an interview they conduct with a community member.
Process: In the first quarter students will build a relationship with residents of a local retirement center. This will be done through letter writing and possible phone conversations. During the second quarter of the school year students will be in groups of four or five working together to understand the person they will be interviewing. Once the students get an understanding of what this person has been through in their life they will generate an interview to be conducted by the students. In the third quarter students will travel to the retirement center to create the documentary. They will sit down and interview the person they have built a relationship with. Students will be in charge of videotaping the interview while the questions are being asked. In a group students will be using video editing equipment to create a documentary of the interview they have conducted. Fourth quarter students will finalize the project by turning it into a podcast. Copies of the personal documentary will be given to the interviewee.
Materials: Hi-Def Camcorder, Point and Shoot, Digital Voice Recorders, Microphones, Video Tools, CDs and DVDs, Tripods, Podcasting