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Digital Parts of Speech

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Keywords: iMovie, Parts of Speech, English, Literacy
Subject(s): Video, Podcasting, Music, Information Skills, Photography, English/Language Arts, Drama
Grades 9 through 12
School: Hiram W Johnson High School, Sacramento, CA
Planned By: Barbara tigert
Original Author: Barbara tigert, Sacramento
These students are at the intermediate level of ELD in high school, and have been in this country between 4 months and their whole lives. If they have been here longer, that means they have not been successful at learning to read and write in English, although they are verbally fluent.

The beauty of this project is that it incorporates the right brained, literary-challenged students as well as the newly arrived, vocabulary and grammar challenged students (but who arefluent in their own languages ) through computer integrated skills. Students who have not been successful with learning left-brained activities like reading and writing English well may have learning disabilities or brain orientations that allow them to excel with this creative blend of computer graphics, animation, and music with the structure of the English language that they have up to now been lacking.

We will down-load/import clips, music, etc. from the internet and then create skits to personify the various parts of speech--nouns, verbs, prepositions, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, and interjections.

We will work in groups of three or four. We will need a laptop for each person and a video camera for each group.

This project will promote literacy in the hard to reach, at risk students who are in danger of dropping out. Writing storyboards and scripts prior to building the project and gathering information are essential components to this project, and these skills will carry over to all their other classes.

We presently have none of the equipment I'm requesting, so any part of it will be so great!

We made and entered videos this past spring into the SEVA Video Contest, but it was hard because our school computer teacher kept demanding that we return the equipment for other teachers could use it, so the process was extremely fragmented.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
I want to do an assassination project with this video equipment/mobile lab. Many of my EL students come from places that have encountered political violence and are familiar with the loss of leadership that comes with corruption. It will give a voice to the citizens of the future.
Students will follow up with a public service announcement of their choosing.
Materials: Reading, Literacy, Writing
Other Items: 5 DVD Camcorders, $200 each, total of $1000.00
5 Digital Cameras, $200 each, total of $1000.00
5 Batteries, $20 each, total of $100.00
1 Flash/USB Drives, $20 each, total of $20.00
1 Mobile Lab, $5000 each, total of $5000.00