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iPod review

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Keywords: iPods, Review, 7th grade Social Studies
Subject(s): Social Studies
Grades 7 through 12
School: Marion Jr Sr High School, Marion, NY
Planned By: denise paley
Original Author: denise paley, Marion
Target Grade(s): 7 & 12

Subject: Social Studies

New York State Standard(s):
Standard 1: The History of New York and United States
Standard 2: Information Systems
Standard 1: Students will read, write, listen, and speak for information and understanding.

Purpose of Lesson:
* Students will review for Chapter Test
-Students have to be engaged in all aspects of the lesson
-Students will demonstrate knowledge through matching vocabulary words, and concepts as well as writing tasks to demonstrate understanding and connection.

Overview of Lesson:
What were the potholes on the “road to revolution”?
Should there be no taxation without representation?
Why was the shot “heard “round the world”?
Students will work individually, in small groups and as a class.
Students with special needs will have the first access to the Ipods that will extend their learning to the home environment.

Materials Needed for Lesson:
IPod Nano Video
Quia.com review site
-preparingthe videos, quizzes and notes that go on the iPod Nano
-preparing the matching game at Quia.com

Time: One Class Period 45-50 minutes

Learning Objectives:
Identify the nations that were rivals for North America
Describe how the French presented expansion of the English colonies.
Explain why Native Americans became involved in the struggle between England and France.
Identify the causes of the French and Indian War.
Explain the “storm over taxes”.
Explain why Britain passed the Tea Act.
Identify the Boston Tea Party.
Describe how colonists responded to the Intolerable Acts.
Identify the “shot heard ‘round the world”.

Assessment Form and Criteria:
§ Students will begin the lesson by writing in their journals to one of the guiding questions for the lesson.
§ Students will then play a review game of flyswatter where students compete in a matching vocabulary game.
§ Students will then break up into seven groups, each of which will have an iPod Nano Video with a small set of speakers, where they will take a chapter test on Iquiz.
§ Students who have signed out the iPods for the week will then continue their practice at home in preparation for the chapter test.

Materials: MP3 Players, Tripods
Other Items: 25 MP3 Players