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The Poetry of Sculpture

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Keywords: Poetry, Sculpture, Digital Photography
Subject(s): Art, Technology, Writing, Reading, Information Skills, Photography, English/Language Arts, Spelling, Grammar
Grade 4
School: Gretna No. 2 academy for Advanced Studies, Gretna, LA
Planned By: Traci Vedros
Original Author: Traci Vedros, Gretna
My students will study poetry in depth in the classroom - includng research types of poetry and reading a variety of poems. In conjunction with this, the art teacher will work with the students on sculpture - teaching them design elements and materials used for sculting.

Following the classroom lessons, we will take a field trip to our local sculpture garden. Each group will be equiped with a digital camera to photograph any sculptures they find interesting or appealing. When we return to the classroom, they will use the pictures to write poetry based on the different types of poems we've studied - haiku, quatrains, ballads, acrostic, tanka, cinquain, bio poems, etc... The students will have the opportunity to write several different poems using the same or different sculptures. Then, they will select their favorite and learn how to insert the picture into a word document along with their poem to be made into a class book. They will also learn how to make a PowerPoint slide using the poem and the photograph. They will add their voice to the slide recording them reading the poetry they wrote.The slides will be combined into a presentation that will be shown to the students to critique one anothers poetry.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This would connect visual arts to language arts.
The poetry powerpoint would be linked to our school website to share with our community.
Materials: Point and Shoot, Microphones, Art Tools, Printers, Camera Bags, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Memory Cards