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The human body - skeletal system

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Keywords: Skeletal system, Video
Subject(s): Science
Grade 6
School: Mann Middle School, Brandon, FL
Planned By: Denise Sneed
Original Author: Denise Sneed, Brandon
Let the students know we will be talking about the skeletal system of the human body. Ask them what they already know about the human skeleton. What is it for? What would happen if we did not have it?

Go over the information on the skeletal system and show presentation to the students.

After the lesson, the students will work in groups to discuss what they learned in the lesson. In groups, the students will write a script for a video they will record. The students are free to choose what type of video they will record. Their options could be a news report, one on one interview, reality show, stand-up comedy routine, etc.

The video can be anything the students think of as long as they meet the minimum requirements of the assignment as follows:

*explain what the skeletal system is
*explain why humans need the skeleton and what would happen if we did not have it
*tell how the skeletal system is connected
*give the names of at least three different bones
*each member of the group must speak in the video
*the video should be at least one minute long
*the video should be no longer than three minutes long
Reinforcing the concept with a video project is an excellent way to replay the lesson for the students. As they create the video, they are reviewing the information and learning.
Watch each group's video.
Materials: Mobile Labs, Video Cameras, Flip Video, Printers, Camera Bags, Batteries, Memory Cards