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Circle Time/Calendar Activity

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Keywords: Communication for non verbal students, calendar time, circle activity
Subject(s): Reading, Special Needs, Early Learning, Social Skills, Math
Grades P-K through 5
School: Calvin U Smith Elem School, Painted Post, NY
Planned By: Christine Cavallaro
Original Author: Christine Cavallaro, Painted Post
Goal: To improve verbal and non-verbal communication while incorporating basic learning and turn taking skills.

As a group and individually the students will respond to questions about calendar topics such as: day, month, year, and weather. We will also review rules, and talk about the letter, number and color of the week.

1) Say good morning to each student and they respond
2) Sing the days of the week and months of the year as a group
3) Count using the calendar as a group
4) Individually ask each student for the day, month, #, year and weather
5) Review the rules as a group
6) Talk about what special we have today as a group
7) Talk about the letter, # and color of the week as a group
8) Talk about the picture of the morning
9) Read a book if interest and have students answer questions through use of pictures
Materials: Point and Shoot, Digital Cameras