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Post Production -- Editing a Short Video

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Keywords: , timeline, final cut, editing, video
Subject(s): Technology, Video, Art
Grades 9 through 12
School: Metropolitan Arts Institute, Phoenix, AZ
Planned By: Stephanie Lucas
Original Author: Stephanie Lucas, Phoenix
Students will be able to (as a team) create an EDL (Edit Decision List,) based on their footage logs to use during editing sessions in completion of their final film projects.

Students will be able to capture video images from mini-dv tapes onto the computer, and organize respective footage into bins based on content.

Students will work together to create a timeline, with attention to audio, transitions, and titling of a film that makes sense and is true to the aesthetics of the combined vision of the group and the film.

Students will be able to turn their finished piece into a QuickTime file and burn a DVD version of it.

Apple Computers in Editing Suite
Final Cut Pro
Logged Footage Lists

Methods and Procedures
Students will log their footage and create an EDL. Students will then capture footage onto the drives of the computers in the editing lab. Students will create a rough edit and receive feedback based on this initial cut. Students will continue to work on their pieces with the help of the instructor, with special attention given to sound, transitions, and titles.

Each student will get daily points for participation in the post-production lab. Students will also receive points based on a completely edited film.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
We make trailers for and with the theatre department, science videos with the science classes, as well as create shorts in joint with the dance department.
We have a short film and video festival in the spring, and we also submit our best work to film festivals throughout the year.
Links: Link to Video Page
Materials: CDs and DVDs, Video Tools, Art Tools, Hi-Def Camcorder, DVD Camcorder, Flip Video, Flash Memory Camcorders, Video Cameras, Flash/USB Drives, Authoring and Publishing
Other Items: 1 Copy of Final Draft, $100 each, total of $100.00
1 I-Mac (Refurbished), $700 each, total of $700.00
2 Digital Handi-Cams, $300 each, total of $600.00