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We're going on an Animal Safari!

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Keywords: Podcast, Research Report, Animals
Subject(s): Art, Video, Technology, Geography, Podcasting, Writing, Reading, Information Skills, Photography, Social Studies, English/Language Arts, Science, Drama
Grades 1 through 3
School: Thacker Avenue Elem School, Kissimmee, FL
Planned By: Katie O'Hara
Original Author: Katie O'Hara, Kissimmee
Students will watch a segment from the Planet Earth Series (Discovery Education). The Students will develop a mind map of Animals that are located on the African Safari. Teams of students will select an animal that they would like to research.

With collaboration with our schoolís Media Specialist, students will learn how to look up book through our schoolís Destiny Program. The students will learn how look up a book and how to locate the book in the library. I have also created a short video to review the skills taught each day of research. The students also will learn how to use World Book Encyclopedia Online to research their information.

Students will work with teams to research their animal. Each team member will have specific role in the research. The Team Leader will be in charge of the teamís research folder. The Team Reader will be in charge of reading the books. The Team Drawer will be in charge of drawing pictures to illustrate their animal. The Team Tech will be in charge of taking care of the technology equipment used during the project.

Students will have to complete a team graphic organizer during research. The first graders will have to research four items: What the animal looks like? Where does the animal live? What does the animal eat? One interesting fact about the animal. The focus of research can be adapted to the grade level.

After research, students will draw and write a storyboard about their Safari. The students will pretend they are leading a Safari to find the animal. By providing a storyboard, students will know what they are going to be drawing, taking photographs, and video taping.

The students will then work to create their digital video. Students will use Flip Video Cameras to record video segments. The students will record their voices using Audacity. The students will draw pictures of their animals and scan them onto the computer.

The studentís videos will be placed on our school districtís podcast server to allow for other classes and families to view our research project. This project will allow students to learn valuable research skills. The students are excited to research when they are sharing their information through technology.
This will be the second year my classroom will do this project. I was so impressed how the first graders completed the project. When students are given a challenge, they will excel. This year, I will be focusing on teaching the students how to use each piece of technology that is used.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Science- Habitats, Animals, Living Things
Math- Addition word problems based on Animals
Geography- looking at the map of Africa
Reading- Nonfiction Stories about Africa
The class will celebrate their movies by having a screening party. The students will enjoy popcorn and watch the movies made by the students. Parents and school administration will be invited as well.
Links: Discovery Education
Materials: Mobile Labs, Flip Video, Digital Cameras, Wildlife, Microphones, Art Tools, Flash/USB Drives, Memory Cards