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Long Beach History Digital Scrapbook

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Keywords: scrapbook, digital photos, slideshow, local history
Subject(s): Video, Technology, Writing, Reading, Photography, Social Studies, Journalism, History
Grades 3 through 4
School: Bret Harte Elementary School, Long Beach, CA
Planned By: Megan Kaplinsky
Original Author: Megan Kaplinsky, Long Beach
CA State Content Standards:
3.1 Students describe the physical and human geography and use maps, tables, graphs, photographs, and charts to organize information about people, places, and environments in a spatial context.

3.2 Students describe the American Indian nations in their local region long ago and in the recent past.

3.3 Students draw from historical and community resources to organize the sequence of local historical events and describe how each period of settlement left its mark on the land.
1. Research the explorers who visited here, the newcomers who settled here, and the people who continue to come to the region, including their cultural and religious traditions and contributions.
2. Describe the economies established by settlers and their influence on the present-day economy, with emphasis on the importance of private property and entrepreneurship.
3. Trace why their community was established, how individuals and families contributed to its founding and development, and how the community has changed over time, drawing on maps, photographs, oral histories, letters, newspapers, and other primary sources.

Project Description:
Students will used digital cameras to take photos of their local environment and artifacts. Students will focus on Native Americans, settlers and newcomers to the city, as well as local landmarks. Students will use photos to create a "Long Beach History" Scrapbook. Each photo will need to have a caption that includes the historical concept and brief description of how it relates to our local history.

Essential Question:
How is Long Beach changing over time?

Teacher Input:
The teacher will describe the project to students giving the expectations and guidelines for the finished product. The teacher should prepare a brief example to show the students so that they can visualize what they are expected to produce.

Guided Practice:
The teacher will guide students in the use of the digital cameras. Emphasis should be placed on responsibility and care of the equipment. Briefly show tips/tricks of basic photography.

Independent Practice:
The students will search for local history concepts outlined in the project presentation. After obtaining the photographs needed, students will load the images onto a computer. After the images are loaded, students may begin creating a digital scrapbook for the their Long Beach History scrapbook using slideshow technology.

Students will share their scrapbooks with the teacher and their classmates, and will also use any available camcorders to create a presentation to share with family and community members.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This activity can be used for any subject area in which students are asked to document a concept in the real world.
Students can share their projects with their families and community members at events such as Open House.
I also plan to possibly use this idea for a "Going Green" activity as well.
Materials: Flip Video, Point and Shoot, Camera Bags, Reading
Other Items: 4 flip ultra video camera, $199 each, total of $796.00
4 point and shoot camera, $199 each, total of $796.00
4 camera bag, $20 each, total of $80.00