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El menú fabuloso!

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Keywords: Spanish, food, menus
Subject(s): Writing, Spelling, Grammar, Foreign Language
Grades 9 through 12
School: Covington-Douglas High School, Covington, OK
Planned By: Ashley Rink
Original Author: Ashley Rink, Covington
During Chapter 4 of the textbook, students will be learning about food and restaurant etiquette. For this activity students will create a menu in Spanish and write a script about ordering food from the menu. Students must also include at least 25 items throughout the categories of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks. They must also include at least 2 pictures to accompany each category. Pictures may either be magazine cut-outs or printed digital pictures.

1) Students will make a list in Spanish of foods they are familiar with and like.

2) Students will identify the names of Hispanic foods that have become common in English usage by visiting a grocery store or restaurant or by looking through magazines. Students will also add these words to their word lists.

3) Students will ask Spanish speakers in class or members of the community for other menu suggestions.

4) Students will then divide their list into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drink items. Students will then create an illustrated menu using at least 25 items labeled in Spanish. They must also include at least 2 pictures per category. Pictures may either be printed digital photos or magazine cut-outs.

5) Students will then create a script for a scene in which two or more characters order food from the menu. The script must be a minimum of 15 lines.

6) After menus and scripts are created, students must present their material to the class.
Materials: Point and Shoot