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Zoom into Writing

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Keywords: camera, zoom, writing, focus
Subject(s): Writing, Photography, English/Language Arts
Grades 1 through 4
School: Boothwyn Elementary School, Boothwyn, PA
Planned By:
Original Author: Diane Wheeler, Boothwyn
1. After reviewing how to use the camera and zoom features, students will go outside and take a picture of anything that interests them.
2. Then they will stay in the same spot and zoom on the part of the picture that interests them the most.
3. Students will then upload the picture into Tool Factory Word Processing. The zoomed picture will either be the setting, character, or problem in their story.
4. Students will brainstorm their ideas using Inspiration.
5. Students will write their stories on paper.
6. Published pieces will be typed using Tool Factory Word Processing, with their digital picture at the top.
7. Teacher will put the finished pieces in a book titled "Zoom into Writing".
Materials: Digital Cameras, Printers, Batteries, Memory Cards, Word Processor, Inspiration