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Who AM I and Who Are You?

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Keywords: Math, Technology, Self-Concept, Photography, Art, Early Literacy
Subject(s): Social Studies, Photography, Special Needs, Life Science, Early Learning, Technology, Social Skills, Health and PE, English/Language Arts, Art, Math
Grade P-K
School: Barbara Vick Early Chld Center, Chicago, IL
Planned By: Amy O'Connor
Original Author: Amy O'Connor, Chicago
The children in my classroom are ages 2.10 through 5.3 with a wide variety of abilities and needs. While many are verbal there are just as many who struggle with oral language. Through using digital photography the children will explore the characterisitics of their own faces and those of their friends. My goal is to highlight not only what makes us each unique but also what our similarities and differences are. The children will use digital cameras to take pictures of the various parts of their own faces and those of their friends. Using these photos we will investogate a wide variety of art media to re-create what we see in the photos. From there we will study the individual components of our faces: eyes, noses, mouths, eyebrows, etc.. We will sort, graph and pattern with the photos to determine similarities and differences present within our classroom community. The children will then label the various photos and media representations at whatever stage of writing that they are in.
By having access to a number of cameras within the classroom the children will become more comfortable with the devices through more frequent use.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Science/nature study through photography. Document the people within our school and community - community helpers. Literacy study of the signs throughout our neighborhood.
Materials: Slideshow, Art Tools, Early Learning, Flash/USB Drives, Memory Cards, Batteries, Digital Cameras, Clip Art
Other Items: 1 Mobile Digital Camera Lab, $3,648.00 each