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Keywords: Global Energy
Subject(s): Journalism, Science, Grammar, Service Learning, Spelling, Social Studies, Biology, Information Skills, Earth Science, Reading, Music, Writing, Life Science, Podcasting, Geography, Technology, Social Skills, Video, Art, Civics, Chemistry, Physics, History
Grades 9 through 12
School: M R Wood Alternative Lrng Ctr, Sugar Land, TX
Planned By: Edshone Atwood
Original Author: Edshone Atwood, Sugar Land
With the global energy being depleted exponentially, by developed countries and newly developed countries with markets emerging that have the same insatiable appetite for energy consumption; there exists a universal crisis that if current trends hold will be at staggering levels of disbelief and ultimately will deplete the natural resources as we know them now. It is together though that we stand united; seeking new responsible methods for using energy and exploring viable alternate sources of energy yet to be developed. The first and the most important concept of the plan is to create a high tech world news organization Co-founded by, hosted by, and sustained by students. This information network will be named the Global Action Improvement Network, or "G.A.I.N." for short.
Our goals are to -increase awareness of the global energy problem while spotlighting the trials and successes of others in and around our communities/ countries that are being conscientious about energy. The 9-12 graders will be responsible for the implementation and oversight of the G.A.I.N news network with supervision coming from myself and the journalism teams at each studentís perspective home campus. Bench marks measured by utilizing state of the art modern counting mechanisms to track: Online survey-Electronic and paper Podcast-Listeners Webcast-visual website hits number students, parents, community members, Global persons subscribing text alerts from G.A.I.N.

Materials: DVD Camcorder, Printers
Other Items: 1 Dvd camcorder
1 podcast